How Can We Help You Remit Happiness to Nepal?

see how our service makes remittance comfortable.

When You Send

Current FX Rate (Real-Time Value) *Subject to Change

Your Recipient Gets

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How Can We Help You Remit Happiness to Nepal?



When You Send

Current FX Midrate (Real-Time Value)

Your Recipient Gets

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With Over 500 Million Smiles Remitted, We Would Love to Help Relay Yours.

We know how important it is to remit money back home, especially during these times.

As an industry-recognized market leader in Asia, dare we say Best in Asia, we aspire to be the Best for You.

With the most competitive rates, no hidden fees, fast remittance time, and the nicest customer service team, WireBarley is here to serve you.

industry-leading rates

We use the closest Fx rate to the Mid Rate to ensure that you get the most Rupee for your Dollar.

When Sending $1,000 via ACH, The Recipient Gets
WireBarleyरू 116,340.00
TransferWiseरू 115,741.14
Remitlyरू 114,801.09
Xoomरू 113,780.69

The Lowest fees in the industry

Our fees, or lack thereof, cannot be beat when sending money to Nepal. When using ACH Bank Deposit,

When sending up to $999

$1000 or Higher

REal-time ach or debit card, your choice.

The WireBarley service gets rid of previous days of banks getting lost in processes, and utilizes best-in-class technologies to keep remittance processing time to a minimum. 

Sending money to Nepal now only takes 1~2 business days through the expedited process.

Get Registered Efficiently

Our streamlined process helps make sure you are registered and ready to remit efficiently. We know how important your time is. Here are the few things you need to get started.

Creating an account simply requires an email address and password.​

For the sake of protecting your money, we ask for a few details to verify your identity.

You can verify with either a copy of your Driver’s License or simply by inputting the last 4 digits of your SSN.

We have two easy ways to link your bank account. Through our software you can simply login to your bank’s portal or manually provide your Routing and Account number.

Tell us who the money is going to by providing their account details so we can ensure it gets to the right place.​

Those details are name, DOB, address, SWIFT code, and bank account code.

Take Advantage of Our End of Year Promotions

ZERO Fee throughout the year

Register and send your first remittance in October
and enjoy fee-free service throughout the year.

Double up referral bonus

Refer a friend and once they remit, receive two $10 Amazon gift cards. 

Multiple Ways to Send.

You can conveniently send money using the official WireBarley app available on all platforms.

Multiple Ways to Send.

You can conveniently send money using the official WireBarley app available on all platforms.

Our Story.


WireBarley is one of the fastest growing cross-border money transfer service founded in 2016 in Korea. Aiming to expand globally, we have over 200,000 customers worldwide and a proven remittance record of over $400 million. 

We are licensed/regulated in the United States, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, currently servicing over 20 countries across the world.


WireBarley made its debut in the US in 2019, acquiring over 40,000 customers as of today. 

Registered with the US Department of the Treasury and partnered with Community Federal Savings Bank, a financial institution supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, customers’ information and funds are safe and secured by FDIC.


Our mission is to assist people meet the needs of conveniently sending money overseas to their loved ones, without the hassle of dealing with their bank. A reliable 24/7 international money transfer service, providing easy, fast, and less-costly ways of money transfer, WireBarley is one of the better ways to send money smarter.

Our Partner Entities Help Ensure the best user experience for you.

तपाइँको रोजाई को भाषा मा वास्तविक समर्थन ।

Meet Nitesh, our Nepal Customer Service team head. Our customer service staff is comprised of native speakers and past customers who understand the process of sending money.

Call, Live Chat, or Email, we are here for you.

Let Us Help You Get Started.

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